trees planted in St Martin's Avenue and Digdens Rise

EETAB collaborates with SCC and EEBC to green our borough. This winter tree planting season, we are delighted to have supported nearly 50 street trees planted around the borough.

Urban greening initiatives such as planting street trees can bring a huge range of health benefits including reducing cardiovascular disease and dementia, and also result in fewer deaths by helping reduce high summer temperatures in cities. Despite these benefits, we are steadily losing trees in Epsom and Ewell.

Young trees planted along residential areas

Members of EETAB including Howard Gregory together with a supportive public identified suitable sites on verges and residential areas where trees could be planted, and made applications to Surrey County Council. The tree planting applications were checked for suitability by SCC and we had a high success rate. This season we have planted 44 new street trees in partnership with Surrey County Council.

This included 14 trees along Chantilly Way, 6 in Brettgrave, 9 in Tichmarsh, 5 in Parkhurst, and 1 in Hook Road. The trees planted are a mix of field maple, hornbeam, Turkish Hazel, ornamental cherries and a line of Japanese pagoda trees along Chantilly Way. These trees will make a wonderful addition to the treescape in Epsom and Ewell. A full list of the trees planted can be seen below.

It’s also great to see that a number of trees that were planted previously but did not thrive, were replaced, thanks to some excellent coordination with SCC.

Over 100 trees planted

And finally, Epsom and Ewell Council are also planting about 50 trees around the borough to fill in gaps, which includes some plantings along Dorking Road in Rosebery Park.

These projects, together with the community orchard planted in Auriol Park mean that this winter, over 100 trees have gone into the ground in areas where members of the public can enjoy them.

If a tree has been planted near you, you can help it thrive by watering during the summer.

It is important to continue to green our urban landscape for future generations to enjoy. In our increasingly hot summers everyone will be grateful for the shade and many benefits that trees provide.

For more information on how to apply for trees to be planted in your area, see or contact EETAB for advice.

SCC Street trees planted Winter 22/23

14 Sophora japonicaAll the way along Chantilly Way, approx 10 – 12m apartFrom ///since.slower.lung to ///await.ages.entry
Prunus AviumParkhurst///brands.pouch.squad
Acer CampestreBrettgrave///giving.teeth.length
Acer CampestreBrettgrave///save.bleat.weeks
Acer CampestreParkhurst///proud.sector.liked
Acer CampestreBrettgrave///anyway.water.minds
Carpinus Betulus clear StemBrettgrave///went.encounter.head
Carpinus Betulus clear StemBrettgrave///pulled.spoon.super
Carpinus Betulus clear StemBrettgrave///branch.limp.opens
Carpinus Betulus clear StemParkhurst///fool.eating.amused
Sorbus aria MagnificaParkhurst///magic.spoke.occurs
Acer CampestreHook Road///handed.agenda.fallen
Acer CampestreParkhurst///moon.rigid.counts
Acer CampestreTichmarsh///
Carpinus Betulus clear StemTichmarsh///
Corylus ColurnaTichmarsh///donor.jump.flown
Prunus AviumTichmarsh///
Prunus AviumTichmarsh///host.lake.hours
Prunus AviumTichmarsh///pump.feed.thanks
Prunus Sunset BoulevardTichmarsh///fault.body.discouraged
Prunus Sunset BoulevardTichmarsh///pile.tolls.feared
Sorbus aria MagnificaTichmarsh///spins.crisis.offer
Alnus glutinosaKingston Road (near Shortcroft Road)///data.jolly.trucks
Acer campestreKingston Road (near Shortcroft Road)///rents.glaze.pinch
Malus sylvestrisThorndon Gardens / A240 junction ///
Sorbus aucupariaSt Martin’s Avenue///shop.hidden.wider
Prunus aviumDigdens Rise junction with Woodcote Green Road///weep.dress.level
Alnus glutinosaDigdens Rise///wakes.faced.trucks
Alnus glutinosaLondon Road (near Welbeck Cl)///coats.occurs.loudly
Betula pubescensWorcester Park Road///branch.salads.stem
Betula pubescensWorcester Park Road///navy.robe.form
Collaboration with Surrey County Council and Epsom and Ewell Borough Council results in successful tree planting season

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