Who is TAB (Tree Advisory Board)

Founded in 1994, the Epsom & Ewell Tree Advisory Board (EETAB) is a partnership of environmentally-minded volunteers from the local community who work together to safeguard and promote the value of trees in the borough.

Our primary aim is to identify and defend the trees that define our local landscape to ensure that we pass on to future generations a borough that is at least as leafy as the one we have inherited.


  • Identifies trees of local importance and seeks to ensure that their value is appreciated in the planning process
  • Seeks to ensure that adequate protection is in place for our finest trees to prevent detrimental work and to ensure that when lost to disease, storm, old age, or accident those trees are replaced
  • Monitors Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Area planning applications
  • Seeks to ensure that major planning applications include soft landscaping requirements and tree planting to enhance the townscape
  • Carries out practical work including planting projects in parks and schools, and the watering of newly planted trees during their first critical summer
  • Promotes new tree planting projects, especially the replacement of street trees.

We are a friendly group of about 20-30 volunteers who are passionate about keeping Epsom and Ewell green with trees. Between its members the group has decades of arboricultural and horticultural experience, as well as enthusiastic Tree Champions. We maintain links into SCC and Epsom and Ewell borough council as well as with other local environmentally minded groups. There are plenty of projects to get involved with so contact us and get tree planting!

To help our trees and find out more, find us on Facebook at Epsom & Ewell Tree Advisory Board,  email epsomandewelltab@gmail.com or Contact Us.

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