Ford Copse Dedication Ceremony

  • Dedication event at Alexandra Recreation Ground honours local hero Mike Ford

    Epsom & Ewell, 3rd December 2023

    In a heartwarming event volunteers from Friends of Alexandra Park and the Epsom & Ewell Tree Advisory Board (EETAB), local councillors Steven McCormick, James Laurence and Bernie Muir, the Epsom & Ewell Tree Officer and the Mayor, Councillor Rob Geleit gathered on December 3rd at Alexander Recreation Ground to pay tribute to a beloved local figure, Mike Ford, affectionately known as ‘Mr. Tree.’

    Mr. Ford has been a cornerstone of our community, dedicating countless hours to the preservation and enhancement of our natural environment. His unwavering commitment to the cause of tree conservation and environmental stewardship has left an indelible mark on Epsom & Ewell.

    The dedication event served as a poignant moment to recognise and express gratitude for his exceptional contributions.

    The event was opened by Howard Gregory the chair of EETAB with words from Kevin Greening and Simon Alford, EETAB members, before introducing the Mayor of Epsom & Ewell. The Epsom and Ewell Tree Officer then presented Mike with a collection of photographs taken when the original copse was planted.

    In his speech Mayor Rob Geleit said “Mike is firmly rooted in his conviction that planting a tree today is an investment for the whole community, combating climate change and helping biodiversity as well as a thing of beauty in itself. His and the Epsom & Ewell Tree Advisory Board’s aim is ensure that they pass on to future generations a borough that is at least as leafy as the one we have all inherited.”

    As well as speeches, the event included a symbolic tree layout for the planned rejuvenation of the Ford copse, and the unveiling of a commemorative plaque to forever mark Mike Ford’s contributions at Alexander Recreation Ground.

    The event concluded with a sense of community pride and a commitment to carrying forward Mr. Tree’s legacy.

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