Young trees planted and mulched

Sunday 17th March 2024

The Epsom and Ewell Tree Advisory Board was established in 1985 and led by Mike Ford for 25 years. One of Mike’s first projects, a copse in the corner of Alexandra Park which was subsequently named after him, was aimed at enriching the treescape of Epsom & Ewell. The South West corner of Alexandra Park features a variety of native trees, some of which have thrived, while others have perished. In honour of Mike Ford’s legacy, the Epsom and Ewell Tree Advisory Board continues to enhance his pioneering community tree copse.

The copse area boasts a rich wildlife habitat, with plants such as the Dutch elm disease-resistant tree, brambles, and oaks that Mike planted, among others. The mini copse adds more native trees, supplementing the existing wildlife habitat and providing a succession of tree ages.

Volunteers at the Ford Copse planting event

On Sunday, March 17th, a group of volunteers planted an additional 30 saplings to revitalise the Ford Copse, including beech, crab apple, holly, hawthorn, rowan, hazel, hornbeam, and field maple. The large hollies were centrally planted for instant impact and as evergreens.

The recent plantings will rejuvenate the area, and highlight the enduring legacy of Mike Ford. His pioneering work continues to inspire community spirit and environmental stewardship, with the copse standing as a testament to his dedication.

Ford Copse tree planting event

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