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In November 2021 TAB participated in a citizen science project by Forest Research to map tree canopy cover across Epsom and Ewell.

Tree canopy means the layer of leaves and branches of trees that cover the ground. It is measured as a percentage and is a good way to understand the extent of tree coverage across our towns and cities.

This activity was part of a larger project mapping tree canopy cover across urban areas in the UK (See for more information).

Using the i-Tree Canopy tool we assessed tree cover over wards in Epsom and Ewell to help build a national picture across the UK. You can view the canopy cover map for the UK here (

Tree canopy cover results for wards in Epsom and Ewell

% tree canopy cover +/- SEArea(ha)+/- SE
Auriol14.00 ± 1.8512.88 ± 1.71
College18.89 ± 1.8559.62 ± 5.82
Court9.50 ± 1.4720.25 ± 3.12
Cuddington21.16 ± 1.9328.61 ± 2.61
Ewell22.31 ± 1.8634.52 ± 2.88
Ewell Court21.06 ± 1.8461.65 ± 5.40
Nonsuch22.82 ± 1.871.39 ± 0.11 (km2)
Ruxley23.40 ± 1.8956.27 ± 4.55
Stamford34.00 ± 1.931.48 ± 0.08 (km2)
Stoneleigh15.40 ± 1.7115.53 ± 1.72
Town17.75 ± 1.9124.11 ± 2.59
West Ewell16.80 ± 2.00Not available
Woodcote29.70 ± 1.90Not available
Average23%*Not available
*Calculated number not available. An estimate for the borough was taken from

Wards with the highest and lowest tree cover

The ward with the highest percentage of canopy cover in Epsom and Ewell was Stamford ward (which includes the wooded area of Epsom Common) followed by Woodcote (includes part of Epsom Common, Langley Vale and Epsom Downs). Sadly, Court ward was found to have the lowest percentage tree cover (~10%), followed by Auriol (14%) and Stoneleigh (15%).

The Urban Forestry and Woodland Advisory Committee Network (UFWACN) recommends that, depending on current levels, a 20% canopy cover is a good aspiration for urban areas.

While it’s great to benefit from the presence of wooded spaces in our borough we should not let that obscure the fact that some wards have less than recommended amounts of tree cover.

Tree canopy cover in Epsom and Ewell

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